What are the precautions for glass door installation?

What are the precautions for glass door installation?

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Glass door clip installation process and size: It is very common for glass door clips to be used in various places such as homes, offices, shops, etc. The glass door clips are not beautiful, but they have some relationship with the installation method. Door leaf, it is a special form of door leaf. The characteristics of glass doors are determined by the characteristics of the glass itself.

Note for glass door installation:

Glass door installation method Glass door installation precautions

1. Before installing the glass door, check whether the windows and doors are flat, and whether the reserved eyelets are complete and accurate. If they do not meet the requirements, they should be corrected first.

2. The steel frame and door glass should be fixed with steel wire cards. The spacing should not be greater than 300mm, and there should be no less than two on each side. You can also put a putty surface layer on the steel wire cards to increase the tightness.

3. If putty is used, putty should be filled and wiped out. If a rubber pad is used, the rubber pad should be embedded first and fixed with a bead and a screw.

4. If it is fixed by pressing strips, usually press the strips on four or two sides and seal with sealant.

5. The installation of various auxiliary materials must meet the design requirements and relevant standards.

6. When assembling stained glass and zoned glass, it should be consistent with the design pattern. It should not be misplaced, skewed or loose. The orientation of the glass should meet the design requirements.

7, after installation, do a good job of cleaning after installation.

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