How to fix the glass top?

The basic process is to support the four corners of the glass with hardware, using claw-like shapes. In this way, there are no horizontal and vertical lines of the steel structure when viewed from a distance, and the overall feeling is good. But most of them are used in public clothes, and have not been seen in home furnishings. It is estimated that the construction difficulty and cost are relatively high, so no one chooses.


According to my habit, let me talk about some processes and materials used to build a glass roof in my house.

1. Measure and estimate the material of the steel structure first. Our house chooses 8 square steel pipes, and 6 can also be used. The cost can be lower, but smaller ones cannot be considered.

2. After about one week, send a painted steel pipe and weld it for installation. It is basically similar to the steel structure of the attic. Holes are made in the wall and then pipes are put in. After all the welding is completed, sand the welding points, and then spray paint to ensure the same color effect.

3. After the welding is completed, the distance is actually measured, and then the glass is produced. My glass requires 12 thick tempered glass, which is very strong. 10 of them are also practical. If you are really worried, you can also make glued glass so that you don't have to worry about it falling down when broken.

4. It takes about a week before the glass can be installed because it needs a processing cycle. However, because an additional skylight was added to our house, the production of the skylight was delayed for several days.

5, the installation of glass is really simple, that is, use double-sided sealing strips and other things, first fix the glass on the steel structure, and then seal the sealed place with glue, some places need to focus on processing, if necessary, also need to Add a little waterproof (mainly the problem of the structure of the house, not the glass).

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