What are the hardware fittings for the installation of glass doors?

What are the hardware fittings for the installation of glass doors?

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1. Floor spring: floor spring is a hydraulic door closer specially used for glass doors. Instead of gear rack, it uses worm wheel to compress the spring.

2. Glass door clip: no matter whether it is a framed glass door or a frameless glass door, because of the characteristics of the glass material itself, it can't completely rely on hinge hinge to connect the door frame like the ordinary door products, but it can fix the glass door from the upper and lower directions with the door clip of different specifications. This is not only to make the glass door not deviate from the track, but also to protect the glass door leaf.

3. Hinge: any door product needs to use hinge, which is the key hardware to connect the door leaf and frame. Without it, the door product can not be used normally.

4. Door lock: the door lock of glass door is also different from that of other doors. The door lock of other doors is usually integrated with the door handle, which is the conclusion space and is very beautiful.


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