What are the common door and window hardware?

Door and window hardware is a general term for various metal and non-metal fittings installed on doors and windows of buildings, which play an auxiliary role when opening and closing doors and windows. Door and window hardware can be divided into building door locks, handles, braces, hinges, hinges, door closers, handles, anti-theft chains, etc. according to their uses. Door and window hardware is a general term for metal components of doors and windows, which mainly include: hinges, hinges, rails, door suctions, floor suctions, door clamps, door closers, beading, etc.

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1. Hinge

Ordinary hinges: used for cabinet doors, windows, doors, etc. The materials are iron, copper and stainless steel. The disadvantage of ordinary hinges is that they do not have the function of spring hinges. After the hinges are installed, various bumpers must be installed, otherwise the wind will blow the door panels.

2. Hinge

The hinges are distinguishable hinges and concealed hinges. The exposed hinges are the kind that we usually see most doors use and have no resilience. Concealed hinges are mostly used on furniture, and can be divided into hydraulic, quick installation, frame doors and ordinary ones.

3. Orbit

Door and window slide rails are usually grooved or curved guide rails for sliding doors and windows. Ball bearings are often installed to facilitate the sliding of doors and windows. Refers to sliding door tracks, hanging wheels, glass pulleys, bolts (light and dark).

4. Door stopper

The door stopper is installed behind the door. After the door is opened, it is stabilized by the magnetism of the door stopper to prevent the wind from blowing and it will automatically close.

5. Ground suction

Floor suction is a kind of door suction, also called floor-mounted door suction. The door stopper is also called door touch, which is also a device that sucks and locates the door leaf after it is opened to prevent it from being closed by wind blowing or touching the door leaf. But in daily life, the door stopper often refers to the wall-mounted door stopper, that is, the door stopper installed on the wall; the ground suction single-finger floor-mounted door stopper, that is, the door stopper installed on the ground.

6. Door clip

Door clamps refer to glass door clamps, which are used to clamp glass doors with floor springs or earth shafts to make the door operate normally. It is widely used in glass doors and windows, bathroom doors, and shower rooms.

7. Door closer

The door closer can automatically close the opened door leaf or fix it in a certain position. It can be compressed and released after the door is opened to automatically close the door. It acts like a spring door and can ensure that the door is After opening, close to the initial position accurately and in time. . Some have the function of hinges, and some have fire resistance. The main varieties are floor springs, door top springs, door slingshots, doorstops, door clamps, magnetic door nozzles, etc.

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