Detailed explanation of glass door handles!

Glass doors and ordinary doors have better permeability. The types of glass doors that are applicable to different occasions are also different. The specifications of glass door handles and glass doors are generally matched.


Common glass door handle specifications

At present, the specifications of glass door handles are not the same. Therefore, the most important thing to consider when purchasing a glass door handle is the glass door handle specification, followed by the selection of the handle style. If the glass door handle specification is different from the opening distance of the glass door handle, it cannot be installed. Therefore, before buying the handle, you must carefully measure the opening distance of the glass door handle. The most common glass door handle specifications on the market are: : Length 300 mm, diameter 25 mm, hole distance 200 mm, length 450 mm, diameter 32 mm, hole distance 300 mm, length 1200/1600/1800/2000 mm, diameter 38 mm, hole distance 900/1200/1400/1500 Mm etc. In addition, there are more glass door handles of other specifications on the market, but many of them are not common in daily life.

How to buy glass door handles?

1. The material is preferred. If the material is inferior, then the glass door handle is definitely not much better, and even the best worker cannot change its own performance. So looking at the material is a way to judge the quality of the glass door handle.

2. Workmanship. The quality of a product depends not only on its own performance, but also on the technical level of the master who made it. A skilled master will make things that seem ordinary and produce unexpected effects. Workmanship is very important to an item, and it is also one of the ways to distinguish good from bad. From the exquisite workmanship, we can see the status of this product, and it can also indirectly reflect the quality of the product itself.

3. Brand guarantee. A good brand is the guarantee of quality. Good brand products will basically not appear for a little profit and ruin his reputation. We must know that fate is the market, and they will not exchange their big market for small gains.

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