What are the quality standards for general glass hardware accessories?

Modern industry is becoming more and more developed. The manufacturing of that industry cannot do without hardware accessories. Sometimes people use glass hardware accessories. So next, let's talk about the quality standards of general glass hardware accessories in detail.

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Quality standards of glass hardware accessories:

1. Standard for glass silver mirror: the thickness allows ±0.2mm and the width (-0.5-1mm), and no positive tolerance is allowed.

2. The allowable deviation of the glass aperture is 0.2mm, the allowable deviation of the hole distance is ±0.5mm, and the maximum tolerance is 1mm.

3. Scratches and dark patterns are allowed ≤20mm, 2 laminates and 1 table, and door glass is not allowed.

4. The maximum allowable light distortion is one, and the lens is not allowed to transmit light, black spots, chipped edges, and chipped corners.

5. Requirements for edge grinding and chamfering: smooth without scratching, smooth surface, smooth bevel, uniform bevel width, deviation ±1mm; chamfer is smooth and round, chamfer width is the same, four corners are the same size, polished and bright, no Obviously wheel marks.

6. Craft glass: The pattern meets the requirements of the drawing, the lines are smooth, the pattern is clear and there is no burr, the vertical carving is frosted and the level is clear, and the three-dimensional feeling is good.

7. The position of the electric carving pattern is accurate, the pattern is beautiful, the line thickness is uniform, and there is no edge collapse.

8. Painted glass: The color conforms to the drawings and sample standards. The paint film has a uniform color, no paint falling, no spray leakage, no penetration, tight and firm adhesion, the edges must be evenly sprayed with paint, the front and back sides must clean up the adhering paint impurities, and keep the original film template.

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