Shower room hardware accessories have these!

Usually when consumers go to buy the shower room hardware accessories, they don't know which part they are made of. The editor will introduce the main hardware accessories of the shower room below. The main accessories of the shower room are: frame, glass, water retaining strip, door stopper, pulley, handle, hinge hinge, shower and so on.

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There are two main materials used frequently for its frame, one is aluminum alloy and the other is stainless steel. Compared with the two, stainless steel is better, it has good stability and good acid and alkali resistance, but the price will be slightly higher.


Glass is its main component. Here we often use toughened glass. In addition to the quality of the glass itself, the quality of its frame will also determine the quality of the glass.


We push the door of the shower room when we enter and exit. If the track quality is not good, then we will receive a certain resistance or make a squeaking sound when pushing.

Adhesive strips

The adhesive tape of good quality has good stickiness, and it is not easy to fall off even in the wet and water-intensive space of the shower room. Only with good quality adhesive strips can it fully ensure the water tightness of the shower room and make the shower room more flexible and smooth to use.

Door Handle

Our carefully crafted stainless steel square tube glass door handles are novel in style, exquisite in appearance, exquisite workmanship, and generous. We produce glass door handles of different shapes and styles for customers.

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